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You are meant for this!

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The idea of marketing, pricing, finding enough customers —all feel too complex.

I feel you. And, I know one thing for sure … 

you’ll suffer more if you don’t listen to the wise part of yourself that’s nudging you to take a leap of faith.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Shake off those fears and make space in your life for what you want most.

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From the Boundless Mindset Podcast

Episode 57: Living the Dream – Nike Anani

    Nike has almost a decade of experience working in African family businesses, as a NextGen in her parents’ businesses and also as a co-Founder of several others. This inside experience as a NextGen birthed a passion to help others in similar shoes as herself in being effective change champions that collaborate with

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Episode 56: Living the Dream – Caelen Love

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Caelen Love.  A Certified Financial Coach from Montgomery, Al., and the creator of the  Raising Bar Consulting, where your personal finances matter. At the Raising Bar Consulting,  Caelen helps aspiring female entrepreneurs become the CEO’s of their money and money mindsets.  Caelen has over 15 years

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Episode 55: When You Launch and No One is Buying

    We’ve all been there! You get excited about your product or program launch, you put it together, start promoting it and then you eagerly launch expecting the sales to come in…..then nothing happens! You give it some time – do more marketing – Still nothing happens! This’s one of the biggest reasons

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Episode 54: Living the Dream – Maureen Mwangi

    Have you ever wondered about how to get your product into big box retail stores such as Nordstrom or Sephora? Meet Maureen Mwangi! She teaches product-based entrepreneurs the sales and marketing strategies they need to scale to multi-million dollar growth with scientific precision – turning beloved product brands into household names. Maureen

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Becoming Irresistible to your Audience

  Making your brand irresistible and getting your audience to fall in love with your business must be part of your daily strategy.  It’s not enough for your audience to have only heard of your brand once, you have to be in front of them consistently engaging, with them, offering value and sharing content.

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Episode 52: What’s in a Name?

    Finding the right business name is crucial for your business.  It can set the tone for your brand and help you resonate with your target market. Here are 6 things to keep in mind when choosing the best name for your business. 1. Keep it simple. Simple is good. You don’t want

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